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Daniel Leaver
London, United Kingdom
Level Designer / 3D Artist
Software tools
Adobe PhotoShop
3D Studio Max, Hammer, UnrealEd, Radiant
Game Engine Experience
Valve Source Engine (Half-Life 2), Unreal 2004, Doom 3
Modification Experience
Forsaken (Half-life 2)
Wasteland (Half-life)
Urban Assualt (Half-life)
Creation of enviromental concept studies. Creation of seemless textures, decals, overlays, normal maps, and dudv maps. Working with Alpha channels, design of misc. GUI elements.
Creation of geometry and brushwork, application of textures, decals and overlays. Advanced lighting, HDR, skymaps and displacement meshes. Creation of advanced soundscapes, particle effects and volumetric lighting. Visibility optimization through the use of area portals and hint brushes. Physics and AI scripted sequences. Creation of 3D enviromental models and props, UV mapping, texturing and model optimization.


I have extensive experience and knowledge of Valve's Source engine (with reference to the design of levels), however, I have designed 'maps' for UT2004 (UnrealED), Quake 3 (QERadiant), Command and conquer: generals, Doom 3, and many older titles right back to Doom2. I have always had a passion for level design and joined my first mod team for Half-life 1, and had many maps included within releases for Wasteland Half-life modification, and Urban assault modification.

My latest experience is working within the Hammer editor for a Half-life 2 modification called Forsaken. I am the co-creator and lead level designer of this highly anticipated mod, and through creating Forsaken’s maps I have learned a great deal about the technical side of level design, as opposed to just the cosmetic side.


I find level design to be an incredibly exciting and fulfilling experience, and feel there is no greater buzz than playing a few games with friends on a map which I designed. Working on Forsaken over the past 2 years (whilst competing a Bachelor's degree, and most recently, working full-time) has made for the best 2 years for my life, and I can think of nothing better than turning my passion for level design toward a more professional avenue.

As far as my knowledge of game design goes, I helped to recruit, organise and delegate tasks to a solid team of developers (most of which now work within the industry) on a daily basis. We work towards loose deadlines (due to "real life" commitments) and have received nothing but positive feedback from the media we produce.

With regards to the way I tackle level design, a step by step process can be found on this website under the Design Process section. Please feel free to read through this area of the website if you wish to know more about how I work.


Most recently, upon the realisation that level design was the area which I wished to focus my career, I have turned my hand to the 2D and more detailed 3D aspects of level design, and only since July 24th 2006 have I been creating 2D texture art.

I must stress that whilst the textures and models featured on this website may lack a certain level of professional polish, in a short period of time I have formed a strong understanding of techniques to create effective textures, normal and bump mapping and even advanced refraction shaders, using DUDV mapping. As far as modeling is concerned, the first time I ever saw 3DS max was 10th August 2006. Since then, I have created more than 20 working models for Half-life 2 and Forsaken, most of which can be seen in the map “Absolution”. 99% of the models and textures featured in “Absolution” were created by me over the course of 6 weeks.

I have an intense fascination with the ambience, layout, optimisation and aesthetics of level design. I am a speedy worker, often being able to set out a WIP layout of a map, ready for play testing, within a few hours. I have a keen willingness to learn as much as possible from other talented people in order to reach my full design potential.